This site is dedicated to exploring game and graphics programming for mobile and the web using JavaScript and Java.
There are a large number of competing technologies for development of games and graphically oriented applications, unfortunately the development environment is fragmented and very often code needs to be written and re-written for each platform. JavaScript is currently the lowest common denominator across all existing platforms mobile, desktop and embedded devices, such as televisions and smart set-top boxes. Using JavaScript for development comes with its own set of challenges which we will explore in a series of articles.

We will also cover the free and opensource Google PlayN library which can be used to develop applications and games in Java and have them automatically converted to run on iOS, Javascript + HTML5 and Android.

The idea behind this site is to create a lot of simple examples, with detailed code and comments to help the reader get his feet wet and try the concepts presented here.

Latest – Box2D Tutorial 5 – Revolute Joints

Previous – Box2D Tutorial 4 – Joints

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