PlayN Game Library Tutorial #1 – The Game Loop

This is number one in a series of planned tutorials covering the Google PlayN game developement library. In this tutorial we will dissect a simple application written using PlayN.

The Google PlayN library is an open source package that allows to develop games and graphically oriented applications. The games can run in the browser using Javascript and HTML5, on Android and on IOS. While your code is written in pure Java, the library auto-magically converts it to each appropriate platform. All the stuff required to run your application on each platform is taken care of for you. This level of abstraction makes development much easier but of course limits the functionality and in some cases performance to the least common denominator of all the platforms. However properly written 2D games have good performance in PlayN, even when using Javascript, arguably the slowest of all platforms. For example Angry Birds for Chrome are written in Using Google PlayN and runs using JS and HTML5.

A short explanation on how to setup the build environment can be found here:

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